Shocks & Struts

Improve Your Steering and Handling

Have you noticed that your vehicle’s steering, handling, and braking aren’t what they used to be? The culprit may be your shocks and struts. As your shocks and struts wear, your tires are free to bounce on the road. This means you’ll be in for a bumpier ride, but that’s not all. You’ll also have less control over the vehicle.

Grandview Muffler is here to help. We can replace your shocks and struts for longer tire wear and improved handling, steering, and braking. By replacing your shocks and struts, we can also help you keep your car’s, truck’s, or SUV’s other suspension components in good repair.

Putting Your Safety First

We always replace the shocks and struts in pairs or, better yet, all four at once. This is for your safety and convenience. Your shocks and struts have all seen the same number of miles and the same conditions. Even if one appears to be in worse shape than the others, it will only be a matter of time before the others are in similar shape.

In addition to changing out your shocks and struts, we’ll also check your alignment to ensure your tires have the most protection and you have the most safety on the road. Problems with shocks and struts can lead cars to come out of alignment, so we want to fix that problem as soon as possible.

See for yourself why having your shocks and struts replaced at Grandview Muffler is a smart idea. Call us today for an appointment!
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