Front End Suspension

Steering & Suspension Services

Has your ride suddenly become a lot bumpier? If you hear loud noises when driving over bumps, feel your vehicle bouncing, experience hard turning, see uneven tire wear, or find you have wandering wheels, your front end suspension may be to blame.

The steering and suspension system keeps your wheels firmly in contact with the ground. If it’s not working properly, it needs to be fixed right away. Without it, your vehicle will lose balance, smoothness, and stability.

The good news is that if you bring your vehicle to Grandview Muffler at the first sign of trouble, we can soon get it fixed and get you on your way again.

Proper Diagnosis, Proper Repairs

The first step to solving your front end suspension problem is figuring out what the source of the problem actually is. We’ll give your vehicle a complete inspection, including the front end, rear end, shocks and struts, coil springs, CV joints and axles, bushings, chassis parts, differential, wheel bearings, and power steering and steering fluid. Once we’ve figured out the cause, we can give you an estimate and start repairs.

The results will be easy to see – and feel. You’ll enjoy a smoother ride and a safer one. 

So if you’re noticing a problem with your front end suspension, don’t wait. This problem won’t only make your vehicle uncomfortable; it could also put you and other drivers on the road in danger. Call us today to learn more and schedule an appointment for repairs.
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